A great selection of A La Carte Menu dishes on our Vegetarian Menu.
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Dim Sum

Vegetable Spring Roll (3) £4.95

Spring Onion Bauble (3) £4.95

Vegetarian Crispy Curried Samosa (3) £4.95

Vegetarian Half Moon Dumpling with Vegetables (3) £4.95

Curry Potato Cake (3) £4.95

Beancurd Sheet Roll with Vegetables (3) £4.95

Steamed Spicy Nut Dumpling (3) £4.95

Steamed Vegetable Sachet (3) £4.95

Steamed Vegetarian Dumpling in Black Pepper Sauce (3) £4.95


Vegetarian C’weed Dim Sum Platter

(£9.50 per person)

Vegetarian Curry Samosa

Vegetable Spring Roll

Steamed Crystal Sachet with Pine Kernels

Vegetarian Crispy Won Ton

Spring Onion Bauble


Fresh Asparagus Starter in Garlic Sauce £6.50

Spicy Beancurd Waffle £6.50

with Soya Bean Produce & Vegetables (2)

Salt & Pepper Beancurd (8) £6.50

Plain C`weed £6.50

Deep Fried Vegetarian Won Ton (3) £6.50

Stuffed Fresh Chilli with Vegetable (in batter) (3) £6.50

Vegetarian C`weed Special £6.50

(C`weed,Coconut Milk Balls,Glazed Cashewnut) 

Sweet and Spicy Aubergine Deep Fried Ethnic Style £6.50

Salt & Pepper Aubergine £6.50

Deep Fried Almond & Potato Burger (2) £6.50

Skewered Mushroom Fritter £6.50

in Satay and Peanut Sauce (2)

Lettuce Wrap with Cashewnuts & Mixed Vegetables £9.95

 ‘Mock’ Pancake Duck £11.95

Served with Cucumber, Leek, Hot Pancakes & Hoi Sin Sauce

(Extra Pancake 20p Each)



Sweetcorn Soup £5.25

Rainbow Beancurd Soup £5.25

Pumpkin & Pearl Barley Soup £5.25

Shredded Mixed Vegetables & Chinese Mushroom Soup £5.25

Vegetarian Hot & Sour Soup £5.25

 Vegetarian Won Ton Soup £5.25



Vegetarian Spicy Vermicelli Singapore Style with Sesame £10.95

Mixed Vegetables Chow Mein (with Crispy or Soft Noodle) £10.95

Spicy Aromatic Aubergine £10.95

Mixed Vegetables with Cashewnuts £10.95

Stir Fried Trio Special(Green Pepper, Potato Slices & Aubergine) £10.95

Fresh Asparagus with Mange Tout & Straw Mushrooms £11.95

Stir Fried Mange Tout, Baby corn & Tree Mushrooms £10.95

Braised Beacurd with Mixed Mushrooms £10.95

Chilli Beancurd Kunpo Style (with Cashewnut) £10.95

Beancurd in Black Bean Sauce £10.95

Beancurd in Chilli Spicy Sichuan Sauce £10.95

Tofu with Garlic and Mild Spicy Sauce £10.95

Tofu in Black Pepper Sauce £10.95

Tofu in Lemon and Honey Sauce £10.95

Tofu in Satay & Peanut Sauce £10.95

Tofu in Curry Sauce £10.95

Tofu with Ginger and Spring Onion £10.95

Tofu in Sweet and Sour Sauce £10.95

Mixed Vegetables with Ginger and Spring Onion £10.95

Mixed Vegetables in Satay & Peanut  Sauce £10.95

Mixed Vegetables in Curry Sauce £10.95

Mixed Vegetables in Garlic & Mild Spicy Sauce £10.95

Mixed Vegetables Kunpo Style with Cashewnuts £10.95

Mixed Vegetables in Chilli Sichuan Sauce £10.95

Mixed Vegetables in Black Bean Sauce £10.95

 Stir Fried “Soya Bean Strips” with Sweet Ginger & Pineapple £11.95

 “Soya Bean Strips” with Vegetable & Sesame £11.95

‘Soya Bean Slices’ with Green Pepper & Black Bean Sauce £11.95

Stir Fried “Soya Bean Strips” £11.95

with Spring Onions & Hot Bean Sauce

Stir Fried “Vegetarian Chicken” (Soyabean Product) £11.95

with Garlic & Mild Spicy Sauce

Soya Chunks in Sweet & Sour Sauce £11.95

Soya Chunks with Green Pepper & Black Bean Sauce £11.95

Crispy Mock Chilli Beef (Soyabean Protein) £11.95



If you have any special dietary requirements or allergies, please notify our staff who will be more than happy to help

Please note there is a 10% service charge added to the final bill