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February 2018 A La Carte

(Number in brackets represents number in a portion)

Please note that there is a 10% service charge added to the final bill

If you have any ALLERGIES or special dietary needs, please notify the staff who will be happy to help.


海草点心拼盘 C’weeds Dim Sum Platter (£8.95 p.p)

脆皮虾 Fried Prawn Pieces

鸭春卷 Crispy Duck Spring Roll

咖喱牛角 Beef Curried Samosa

松露烧卖  Prawn & Meat Dumpling with Black Truffle

黑椒鸡卷 Chicken Roll in Black Pepper Sauce


点心 DIM SUM  @ £4.50

春卷 Pork Spring Roll (Crispy Cantonese Style) (3)

炸粉果Fried Fun Kuo (Fried Prawn Parcels) (3)

炸云吞 Fried Won Ton (Fried Prawn Dumplings) (3)

纸包虾 Pan Fried War Tip (Pork Dumpling) (3)

明虾角 King Prawn Dumplings with Mayonnaise Dip (3)

杏仁虾丸 Prawn Bauble with Almond Flakes (3)

咖喱牛角  Minced Beef Curried Samosa (3)

金沙鸡卷 Deep Fried Chicken in Rice Paper (3)

椰香鸡角 Coconut Chicken Samosa (3)

鸭丝卷 Fried Shredded Duck Meat Roll (3)

泰式鱼饼 Deep Fried Thai Style Fish Croquette (3)

栗米黄金卷 Chicken & Sweet Corn Wrap with Sesame (3)

虾饺 Har Kau (Prawn Dumplings) (4)

烧卖 Siu Mai (Prawn & Pork Dumplings) (4)

姜葱牛肉饺  Beef Parcel with Ginger & Spring Onion(3)

潮州粉果   Spicy Pork & Nut Dumplings (3)

小笼包 Shanghai Style Mini Buns with Pork Meat (3)

蒸叉包 Steamed Char Siu Pork Bun (3)

黑椒鸡卷 Chicken Roll in Black Pepper Sauce (3)

汁蒸凰爪 Steamed Chicken Feet in Blackbean Sauce  

带子饺 Scallop Dumplings with Prawn (3)

菜苗饺  Minced Prawn & Vegetables Dumpling (3)

韭菜饺  Prawn Dumpling with Chinese Chives (3)

蒸奶黄包 Steamed Custard Buns (3)


斋点心 @ £4.50

斋春卷 Vegetable Spring Roll (3)

葱油餅 Spring Onion Bauble (3)

斋咖喱角 Vegetarian Crispy Curried Samosa (3)

咖喱薯饼 Curry Potato Cake (3)

斋潮果 Steamed Spicy Nut Dumpling (3)

斋黑椒鱼翅饺 Veg Dumpling (Black Pepper Sauce) (3) 


海草斋点心拼  Veg C’weed Dim Sum Platter (£8.95 p.h)

斋咖喱角 Vegetarian Curry Samosa

斋春卷 Vegetable Spring Roll

松子凤冠饺 Steamed Crystal Sachet with Pine Kernels

菜肉云吞 Vegetarian Crispy Won Ton

葱油饼 Spring Onion Bauble


汤类 Soup@ £4.95

鸡蓉粟米羹  Minced Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup

京都酸辣汤 Hot & Sour Soup (Pork and Shrimps)

净粟米羹  Sweetcorn Soup

斋酸辣汤 Vegetarian Hot & Sour Soup 


头盘类 Appetizers

椒盐 / 避风塘软壳蟹 Soft Shell Crab - each £5.25

(Salt & Pepper / Crispy & Spicy)


 Chicken Skewer in Peanut Satay Sauce (3) £6.50

椒盐鸡翼 Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings £7.45

黑椒牛柳卷 Steak Roll in Black Pepper Sauce (2) £6.50

椒盐骨 Salt & Pepper Spare Ribs £9.95

紅燒骨 BBQ Spare Ribs in BBQ sauce £9.95

炒鸡米 Lettuce Wrap Minced Chicken

with Diced Vegetables and Cashewnuts £9.95

香酥鸭 Aromatic Crispy Duck

Quarter  £10.95     Half  £17.95     Whole   £33.00

Served with Cucumber, Leek Pancakes & Hoi Sin Sauce

(Extra Pancake 20p Each)

蒙古香酥羊  Mongolian Crispy Lamb £11.95

Served with Cucumber, Leek,Pancakes & Hoi Sin Sauce

 (Extra Pancake 20p Each)

斋头盘 Vegetarian Appetizers

净海草  Plain C`weed £5.95

椒盐豆腐 Salt & Pepper Beancurd (8) £5.95

椒盐茄子 Salt & Pepper Aubergine £5.95


Deep Fried Almond & Potato Burger (2) £5.95

斋海草拼  Vegetarian C`weed Special £5.95

(C`weed, Coconut Milk Balls, Glazed Cashewnut)




鸡类 Chicken Dishes

果汁甜酸鸡 Sweet & Sour Chicken £10.95

宫保鸡丁 Chilli Kunpo Chicken (Cashewnuts) £10.95

川椒鸡 Chilli Sichuan Chicken £10.95

中式鸡 Chicken in Cantonese Sauce £10.95

咖喱鸡片 Chicken in Curry Sauce £10.95

干炒鸡丝 Crispy Chilli Chicken £11.50

椒盐鸡球 Salt and Pepper Chicken £11.50


牛肉 / 牛柳 Beef / Fillet Steak Dishes

豉椒牛肉 Beef Green Pepper Black Bean Sauce £10.95

咖喱牛肉 Beef in Curry Sauce £10.95

干炒牛柳丝 Crispy Chilli Beef £11.95

日式牛柳粒 Teriyaki Diced Beef Steak Fillet £14.50


Fillet Steak in Cantonese Sauce (Sizzling) £16.50


 Diced Steak Fillet BlackPepper Sauce (Sizzling) £16.50


Fillet Steak in Chilli Sichuan Sauce (Sizzling) £16.50


鸭类 Duck Dishes @ £11.95

豉椒鸭片  Duck Green Pepper & Black Bean Sauce

橙花鸭  BBQ Roast Duck with Fresh Orange Sauce

梅子鸭  BBQ Roast Duck in Plum Sauce

明炉烧鸭  BBQ Duck ( hot, boneless) with Soya Sauce


羊肉类 Lamb Dishes

咖喱羊柳 Curried Sliced Lamb Fillet £12.50

川椒酱爆羊柳  Spicy Sichuan Lamb  £12.50


Sizzling Lamb Ginger & Spring Onion £14.50

铁板豉椒羊柳 Sizzling Lamb Fillet £14.50

Green Pepper& Black Bean Sauce

大虾类  King Prawn Dishes (shell off) @ £15.95

豉椒炒虾球 King Prawn Pepper & Black Bean Sauce

甜酸大虾球 Sweet & Sour King Prawn

沙爹大虾 King Prawn with Satay and Peanut Sauce

川椒酱爆虾球 Chilli Spicy Sichuan King Prawn

咖喱大虾 King Prawn in Curry Sauce


海鲜类 Seafood

椒盐鲜鱿 Salt & Pepper Squid £12.50

蒜头酱汁和尚鱼   Monk Fish Garlic & Mild Spicy Sauce £16.50

川椒酱爆和尚鱼  Monk Fish with Chilli Sichuan Sauce £16.50

清蒸鲈鱼(豉汁,姜葱) Steamed Whole Sea Bass £19.50

(with Black Bean Sauce / Ginger & Spring Onion)

姜葱炒带子 Scallop Ginger & Spring Onion £17.95

川椒带子 Fried Scallop in Spicy Sichuan Sauce £17.95


素菜谱 Vegetarian Main Course

斋星洲米 Vegetarian Spicy Vermicelli £10.50

斋鱼香茄子Spicy Aromatic Aubergine £10.50

宫保豆腐 Kunpo Chilli Beancurd ( Cashewnuts) £10.50

豉汁豆腐 Beancurd in Black Bean Sauce £10.50

蒜头酱汁豆腐 Tofu with Garlic and Spicy Sauce £10.50

沙爹豆腐 Tofu in Satay & Peanut Sauce £10.50

咖喱豆腐 Tofu in Curry Sauce £10.50

川椒什菜  Vegetables in Chilli Sichuan Sauce £10.50

豉椒什菜 Vegetables in Black Bean Sauce £10.50

宫保什菜 Vegetables Kunpo Style (Cashewnuts) £10.50

斋豉椒鸭片 “Soya Bean Slices” £11.50

with Green Pepper &Black Bean Sauce £11.50

齐干牛柳丝  Crispy Mock Chilli Beef  £11.50



Boiled Rice   £3.00

蛋炒饭  Egg Fried Rice £3.50

鸡球炒饭  Chicken Fried Rice £10.95

招牌炒饭  Special Fried Rice £11.95

(with BBQ Pork, Shrimps, Chicken & Sweetcorn)

星洲炒米  Spicy Vermicelli £10.95

 ( BBQ Pork, Shrimps & Sesame)


配菜类 Side Portions 

虾片  Prawn Crackers £2.95

咖喱汁  Curry Sauce £3.50

椒丝豉油  Fresh Chilli in Soya Sauce £3.50

炒软面 Plain Fried Soft Noodles £6.50

 (with Beansprouts & Onions)

炒什菜 Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables £7.50

菜心  (蠔油 / 蒜茸 / 豉油皇)

Choi Sum (Chinese Green) £10.50

(Oyster Sauce / Garlic / Soy Sauce & Shallots)

白菜 (蠔油 / 蒜茸 / 豉油皇)

Pak Choi (Chinese Vegetable) £10.50

(Oyster Sauce / Garlic / Soy Sauce & Shallots)














Take advantage of our car parking deal 

Chinatown NCP car park £3.20 for 3 hours when dining with us!

Just bring your parking ticket with you.

Celebrate with us this February!  St. Valentine's Day Special and Chinese New Year - Year of the Dog.  The New Year Parades are on Sunday 18th February 2018 this year.  See the special menu we have for both these occasions.


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